(First)Marathon Training Week 13

My marathon is 3 weeks away. EEk! I am so excited and also so ready to NOT be training. Don’t get me wrong, I love running, but having to stick to a schedule for this long has worn me out. I’m looking forward to running whatever I feel like for awhile. I realized I was really missing my strength training days, so this week I’m going back to running 4 days a week and seeing how I feel.

Week 13: September 16- 22

Monday- legs

Tuesday- 8 miles on TM with some speed work thrown in there and a cute “running” buddy.

Wednesday- core

Thursday- 6 miles on TM slow

Friday-4 miles +arms

Saturday- 12 miles outside with Rachel

It was a gorgeous fall morning. There is nothing like running in the crisp cool fall weather. It’s the absolute best. We started up Sun Crest and ran down to the Canal trail through the park and back home. It was a perfect slow recovery run. Rachel and I almost went longer than 12 because we got distracted talking, those are the best kinds of runs.

I took a very hot shower after, my toes and feet were freezing!

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