(First)Marathon Training Weeks 10-12

Marathon training brings a lot of highs and a lot of lows. I wasn’t expecting to feel burnt out or ready to quit. There have been SO many mornings where I asked myself why I was getting up so early or why I was having to rearrange my family’s schedule so much just for running. I was so close so many times in dropping out of the race. BUT the little piece of me that really wants to accomplish this big goal keeps pushing myself out of bed and into running clothes. Once I start running I’m always really grateful I did and I’m always so happy after my run because I’m doing something that is hard for me even when the conditions are far from perfect.

Week 10: August 26-31

Monday- 6  miles on TM with 3 miles fast) at night(I had just gotten home from WA and my family was still gone at Josh’s carnival work party that I was so BUMMED to miss).

Tuesday- 4 slow miles on TM

Wednesday- legs + 3 slow at night on TM(Josh was boating with friends)

Thursday- arms


Saturday- 18 miles down Big Cottonwood Canyon with Rachel. It was a gorgeous morning and the canyon was so beautiful. I couldn’t stop commenting how pretty it was. It felt great most of the run. I stopped at mile 10 to use the bathroom(first time I’ve had to pee while on my long run this whole training cycle) and then we continue down the canyon. My legs felt great, Rachel and I could easily talk the whole way, it was a nice pace. Then at mile 16, I started to feel nauseous. Every time I started to run I felt so sick. I felt so bad slowing Rachel down, but she was nice and walked/jogged the last 2 miles. I felt pretty defeated and frustrated. I looked back at my nutrition and I think a lot of how I was feeling has to do with that. I ate crappy and I had a terrible cold. I couldn’t stop coughing at one point. So, I hoping it was all just a fluke!

Week 11: September 2-7

Monday- arms + 2 mi on TM(cut short because we had a showing of our house and only had 45 min to get the house ready and leave)

Tuesday- 8 mi on TM during nap time, first afternoon run. I needed to sleep in and get some additional rest. So glad I still made it happen.

Wednesday- fly to Japan

Thursday-still flying

Friday-Climbed 4 miles up Mt. Fuji

Saturday-climbed 4 miles down Mt. Fugi

Week 12: September 9-14

Monday- 5 mi on Tm nice and slow

Tues- legs

Wednesday- 8 mi on TM legs were so sore and stiff so I made sure to roll them all day

Thursday- arms + 5 mi on TM


Saturday- 20 miles!!

This run was HARD! I was in such a terrible mood all night. 2 nights before this run a woman was attacked by a man on the trail I run 99% of my runs on. I was so glad she got away but so angry that a man would do that to someone and ruin it for the rest of us. All of my running buddies were busy so I wasn’t able to run with anyone in the early hours, so I had to run on my TM for the majority of my run. I also had to run a lot more miles on my TM because I didn’t want to run on that trail. SO I ran 13 miles on the TM then 7 miles outside. I was angry for the first 7 miles and I honestly was going to quit. I started doubting why I’m even doing this and thinking all the things I mentioned above. THEN I remembered I can do hard things, and I’m going to run 20 miles! So, I just kept going. I got to 13 miles, ate more food had a few sips of my protein shake and headed out for the last 7 miles. I ran up hill for the first 1.25 miles then it was flat for 3.5 then I got to run down. It felt so good. I was so glad I finished and felt completely fine after. My muscles weren’t sore at all. I think mostly because most of the miles were on my TM and flat as a pancake ha.

My marathon is coming up, I can’t believe the rest of my long runs are less than 20 miles. I’m getting there!

Read training weeks 7-9 here


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