(First) Marathon training week 15

I just finished week 15 of my first ever marathon training. I am 1 week out from my first marathon!!! I am more excited than nervous and can’t wait to see how it all goes.

This last week all of my runs were done on the treadmill. I’m so grateful I have one in my home so this training was possible. There’s no way I could have trained for a full marathon with 4 kids, 1 nursing, and early morning workouts. Josh was gone all last week but I was still able to put in the work. Harder work in my opinion since I wasn’t just running, I was running while entertaining kids haha.

Monday-lower body workout

Tuesday-6 mi on TM I ran 3 mi then drove carpool then finished 3 more.

Wednesday-rest( decided to go to the temple in the morning)

Thursday- 5 mi on TM comfortable pace

Friday- upper body workout + 4 mi **felt off all week, then I started my period for the first time postpartum. So glad it started this week and not next week during the marathon!!**

Saturday- 8 mi; 3 mi w/u, 4 mi at mpg(marathon goal pace), 1 mi c/d

I had to take a lot of breaks to be mommy. But I got it done!

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