SOJO Marathon Review

It’s been a week since running my first marathon and I’m still on a high! By Wednesday my body felt 99%. Thursday I went on small hike with my kids, my sisters and mom for fall break and felt normal.

Friday I was itching to run so I ran 3 slow treadmill miles and the rest of the day my left hamstring felt tight. So I’ll take several more days off of running to be safe.

I wanted to write down my thoughts about the SOJO marathon so here’s my honest review.

The price wasn’t very expensive, I believe I payed $90 a few months before so I didn’t get any early bird discount. For the price I think you get what you pay for.

The packet pickup was quick, but just that, a packet pickup. No expo, food/party/hang out like other races I’ve done.

The swag bag came with a few advertisements, a newspaper, a coconut water, gel, energy bar, shirt, bib, and a safety light key chain.

The morning of the race my GPS brought me to the start but the road was closed for the race and I had no idea how to get around it. Luckily, I followed a car going to the race too. There were plenty of warm buses, parking spots and bathrooms.

We didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn like so many other races. Since this ones in the fall it’s a later start(6:45am) so I didn’t get up till 4:45am, got to the buses at 5:30 then was at the start by 6:30.

The start had water, bathrooms, bananas,and gels and we counted down and started in the dark. It was gorgeous seeing the sunrise.

There were plenty of aid stations along the way, there were only 2 hiccups for me; the first station at about mile 3 was out of water and Gatorade upsets my stomach. 2nd there was a mile marker at mile 16 that said 17, which had me little excited but I didn’t think my Garmin could be that off(it wasn’t).

The route was beautiful. Mostly flat with a few pretty big hills and in return a little downhill. It was mostly on roads and through neighborhoods which can get boring but I was just excited to be running my first marathon to care too much. The arrows are just stickers on the road so that was a little tricky, but I never got lost so they did their job.

The finish line had a lot of slow walking spectators that was hard to dodge, and the after party was pretty anticlamtic. Just water, apples and oranges. I saw some kids eating chick fila but it looked like their booth was empty. The DJ was fun and there were some vendors. It would have been nice to have chocolate milk or a protein bar to eat before driving home.

Overall I would run this race again. It’s a smaller race so don’t expect all the frills you get from bigger races. I loved the fall weather and a lot of the scenery. The flat course left my body WAY less sore than the downhill races Utah is famous for. I’m glad this was my first marathon!!

**you can read my race recap here

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