Fall Break 2019

This fall the colors in the canyons have been so vibrant. I love taking the kids on drives and walks/hikes to take it all in.

Luckily my mom and sisters love it too. For fall break we took the kids in a short hike in Kaysville.

After we took the kids to chuck arama because they LOVE it and the adults don’t haha but we splurged for the sake of a good time. And you know what, the kids had the best time eating all the buffet food, drinks, and desserts.

Then we hung out at Leah’s all evening. We had 5 showings on the house that day! It was so nice not to be home haha PS one of those showings ended up making an offer! We are under contract and move in a month, we’re so excited!!!

Friday Josh took off work so we spent the morning cleaning and doing yard work. That afternoon we took the kids out to eat, ran errands, and just got to be together as a family.

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