We moved(and we swore to each other it’s the last time)

A few years ago I would visit teach my neighbor (in our church we visit each other to help support one another) and she was remodeling her house. I LOVED it! Fast forward to this year, August to be exact and her sister in law( my running buddy) mentioned she was moving. I told Josh and asked if he would humor me and go look at it. They hadn’t put it on the market and when we looked through Josh loved it as much as me!

We couldn’t believe we were going to move just a few streets over haha but we really loved the home, the street, and the whole house was more livable space.

We ended up selling our house in October, closed this week on November 21 and spent the last couple of nights in our “Wild” house as Claire calls it(she can’t pronounce the street we live on) and all love it so much. I hope this is our forever home.

Me and Coop leaving our old house for the last time.

It’s bittersweet. We put a lot of work into that home and we loved it. I brought home 3 babies to that house and I discovered a lot of happiness with my calling as a homemaker and mother. It provided my family a refuge from the world and I’ll always be grateful.

**last night in our old home

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1 Response to We moved(and we swore to each other it’s the last time)

  1. wow! congratulations! moving is hard, but sometimes it all works out and is worth the hard work!

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