The middle

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about social media and the impact it has on me. When I go to post something what are my intentions and thoughts?

Often times all we see is the end result and never get to see the middle, the struggle. I loved sharing my huge accomplishment of finishing a marathon, but I wish I had posted more of the hard days of training. The mornings I struggled to get up and out of bed, the days I ran while my kids needed me so I had to stop several times mid run.

Or when we moved and had to live in our house as it was showing 3-4 times a day. It was pure chaos! Oh and when we were selling/packing our furniture before the move haha. But all the middle is worth it for the end. In fact, I’m grateful for it. The middle stuff is what’s important.

Chillin in our couch-less family room pre-move.

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