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Winter Fitness Goals

Yesterday I taught the neighborhood preschool and I was so impressed. It’s crazy how much these 3 year old’s can learn. When we first started teaching they had trouble just sitting and listening, and now they can sit, listen, trace … Continue reading

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Weekly Goals and Monday Funny Motivation

I love Monday workouts because Sunday is my rest day and I’m always ready to bring all I’ve got to a new week. I always think of the quote, ” Get at it” and then it reminds of the one … Continue reading

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Weekly Goals + Halloween Spooks

J woke up a bit early Sunday morning. I heard him whimpering, and when I walked in he was saying in the saddest voice, “Mama, I scared.” Lately, the Halloween things I think have been making him a little scared. … Continue reading

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Reunited and Weekly Goals

I made some blueberry muffins for breakfast yesterday morning. Confession: I used apple sauce instead of oil and my boys didn’t bat an eye. I actually thought they were better, more moist. J waited anxiously for those, “burberry muffins.” And … Continue reading

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weekly goals, I’ve been slacking

This weekend has been a lot of fun. Friday night I went with the hubs to a wedding he was the DJ for. He was doing a lot of this(it was sprinkling so he’s under a cover) while I was … Continue reading

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Update On Running, weekly goals,and a lil wknd recap

I cannot to begin to tell you how frustrated I am with my computer charger. I waited all week to get it and it doesn’t charge my computer. . . So please forgive me for being absent for so long. … Continue reading

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Friends don’t let friends sleep in

Workout Monday night- soccer game, won 7:5 =) Tuesday- ran 3.58 miles outside with Brittany I’m so proud of Brittany! We ran just over 2 miles straight without stopping. I’ve slowly been making her run with me, and today was … Continue reading

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I spy and some weekly goals

Workout Monday- Easy 4 miles on TM *Saturday’s 4 mile run was done in 36 min. Today’s was a recover run, I’m trying a lot harder to make sure my recover runs are actually slower and I don’t worry about … Continue reading

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Running Limbo

Workout Tuesday- 3 miles with Brittany + abs/arm workout It was a beautiful cloudy kind of morning. I took a pic of Brittany and I, and let’s just say it wasn’t my morning so another sun/mountain/cloud pic is what you … Continue reading

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Coolest Friends and Weekly Goals

Workout Friday- 3.5 miles with running group Saturday- 7 mile solo run, 8:49 pace After a week of easier runs, Saturday felt so good and actually pretty easy. I had negative splits(except the end of mile 4 beginning of mile … Continue reading

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