Training Plans

2012 Races

Utah Valley Half Marathon– 2:06 ( June )

Porter Rockwell Half Marathon– 1:56( Aug. )

Big Cottonwood Canyon-1:53 ( Sept.)

The Haunted HalfPR- 1:52:05  (Oct.)

Crazy Course Turkey Trot 5k1st in age group (November)

2013 Races

Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon– 1:56 (April) 5th in age group

Run of Remembrance 10k- PR-52:30 (May)

The Haunted Half-(Octobter)

Thankful 13 Half-(November)


2014 Races

Run of Remembrance 10k– 56 (May)

Drop 13 Half Marathon– 1:54 (June)

2017 Races

Haunted Half w/my sisters(first timers!)

2019 Races

American Fork Half(new PR!)- 1:44:33(June)

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