Claire turns 3

Claire has so much personality in her little pint size body. She is funny, energetic, snuggly, loud, opinionated, and loving. I always catch her hugging Cooper, cradling her baby dolls and whispering sweet words, and telling Lily, ” your my best sister!”

She loves all kinds of food and sweets and will always give something new a try. Her and lily love to play house, family, or dance together. I love their relationship.

She also loves her brothers. J loves to reads to her and Cooper and Claire wrestle, and play puppies.

Claire brings so much joy into our family. She is always smiling her big scrunchy nose squinty eyed smile(which she gets from me).

She learned how to use the potty a week after her birthday and started gymnastics. She’s growing up so beautifully and we all adore her.

Her birthday was the first one we got to celebrate in the new house. She was spoiled with presents from loved ones.

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