Cooper at 10 months

At 10 months(posting a month late, oops!)Cooper is finally sleeping through the night regularly and taking after Jackson in the sleep department(doesn’t require a whole lot).

He loves bath time and kicks like a wild man the minute he gets in, so I am prepared to be soaked 90% of the time haha.

He loves to eat and eat and eat. It’s his favorite which is no surprise because I love to eat “snack” all the time too.

He got 2 new teeth that finally popped up, had an ear infection and a mild case of thrush, it was a busy month!

Josh and I also flew to Japan’s for 5 days. It was the longest I have ever left him(the longest I’ve ever left him before was 3 hours to get my hair done) and it was so hard. It was fine and he did great, but when I got home he didn’t want me and wouldn’t nurse for 3 hours. I was pretty heart broken. He took bottles like a champ and slept great for my mom, he’s such a sweetheart! He warmed back up to me, but it was a bit stressful.

^you can see a top tooth coming in too!

His smile is the best. He loves to smile with his whole face and does the best fake whine where he puckers his lips and scrunches his nose. He puts up with a lot from his siblings and usually loves it. He is a chunk of sweet rolls and his raspy belly laugh is the best.

We just love him, everyone is still obsessed. Claire, who loves puppies, calls Cooper “boy” all the time like he’s a dog. “Come on boy! Oh! No no boy!” It’s so funny.

^please note J’s old sleeping cap Coopers wearing, and Claire’s muddy feet! She was running away from me in this pic when I was asking her to get in the bath. It’s wild over here!

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